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Invent and Innovate Lab- Power up! (ages 5+)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016
From 11:00 am to 12:00 pm
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Class Leader

Annie Graham

What is a battery? How can you create power from a chemical reaction? How do batteries store power? In the first two weeks of “Power Up”, we will explore the chemistry behind these amazing sources of power. Students will create a few batteries from household items and we will observe the reactions that take place! Students in our 9+ “Power Up” class will also discuss rechargeable batteries and how to store energy in a battery. We will look at research and explore materials for creating our own batteries.

ice_tray_battery lemon_battery
Wednesdays:  Our “Invent and Innovate” lab will provide students with building activities to help them understand the way we power our world. Every two weeks, our topic and activity will change: power basics (weeks 1-2), solar power (weeks 3-4), wind power (weeks 5-6) and water power (weeks 7-8). Students can choose to complete the group activity or create a related invention of their own! This is a drop in class, but space is limited to the first 10 students, so sign up online to guarantee a spot!