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Mindfulness & Movement – Innovate 2018

Thursday, February 15, 2018 to Thursday, April 12, 2018
From 9:30 am to 11:20 am

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Advanced Psychology
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Mindfulness & Movement - all ages - Innovate 2018
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Mindfulness & Movement Independent Study - Innovate 2018
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Learning With Meaning, Inc Phone: 406-493-6886 Website: http://learningwithmeaning.com/

Mindfulness is important for everyone to practice, whether you are age 5 or age 95. Here at eNDVR we think it is important for our students to learn awareness of their minds and bodies, in order to help them learn how to navigate the wide range of emotions that life can throw at them. Whether it’s everyday interactions with friends and family, coworkers or co-students, or dealing with tragedy and stress, mindfulness helps us all build healthier minds, bodies, and communities. Join us as we help to teach students mindfulness this fall semester in 3 different age groups. This is a new and growing area of learning for the students at eNDVR. Last year we had an Awareness 101 class for older students but are expanding to include classes that are age appropriate for every age range.

For this session we are offering two options for our Mindfulness and Movement block. The first option will be for gymnastics. By purchasing this Mindfulness and Movement ticket, you are signing your child up for gymnastics!

Our second option this term is Ice Skating. Due to the time and price differences that this class has, please sign up for Ice Skating on this event listing here.

The Independent Study ticket is for independent work or Makerspace time during this block.

Advanced Psychology ages 12-18 (previous students only)

PreRequisite: Awareness 101 Clark Patton, CHT

The subconscious mind is made up of all our memories, experiences, emotions, and automatic responses. It drastically affects our behavior and the way we interact with the world. A very powerful part of the mind, and yet the subconscious tends to operate below our level of awareness.

Stepping beyond the basics, this course teaches how to operate states of selective awareness, and create positive resolution within the subconscious mind.

Students will learn how to better communicate on a much deeper level with their family, peers, community, and themselves. They will learn how to recognize and become free from the prisons of outdated belief systems, emotional imbalance, and self-limiting ideas. Students will tap into their own strengths & reserves of creativity to solve complex problems, and how to spot and deal with the underlying source of an issue. These are lifelong skills meant to empower the individual, successfully navigate the obstacles of life, and create long-term success.



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