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Survival (ages 8-13) Connect 2018

Tuesday, April 17, 2018 to Tuesday, June 5, 2018
From 12:00 pm to 3:50 pm

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Survival (ages 8-13) Connect 2018
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Class Leader

Clark Patton

Students will form a solid foundation in the basics of survival: shelter, water, food, and fire. Emphasis is placed on creating experienced based knowledge. We will not only learn survival skills, but also the principles underlying these skills. Rather than struggling against the environment, it is important to know how to thrive within it. We are cultivating a deeper sense of self, expanded awareness, and a greater understanding of our place in the natural world.

“I have used the word ‘absorbed’, in preference to ‘learnt’, for jungle lore is not a science that can be learnt from textbooks; it can, however, be absorbed, a little at a time, and the absorption process can go on indefinitely, for the book of nature has no beginning, as it has no end.”

-Jungle Lore by Jim Corbett

This class creates a foundation to the principles of self-reliance. Students will learn survival, edible & medicinal plants, animal tracking, and how to move in balance with the natural ecosystem. The goal is to develop and enhance sensory awareness in the natural world.

Students learn how to use a knife and basic tools to sustain themselves in the outdoors. This class incorporates story-telling, exploration, games, and simple skills that pave the way for expert survivalists down the road.

Some of the skills we will learn:

-Friction fires

-1 match fires

-Expanding sensory awareness

-Building tinder bundles

-Deadfall Traps

-Primitive Hunting Methods

-Debris huts / survival shelters




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